Advances in the technology of Sealing Systems PVC Tapes Part 2

PVC tapes, on the other hand, provide an active solution to sealing joints within basement construction and leaks should they occur are often associated with workmanship issues or compaction of the concrete around the joint. In these cases, the leakage may be problematic and difficult to find, secondary remedial injection systems are necessary to seal the joint of the panel.

In worst case scenarios the affected panel may require total replacement. PVC tapes do provide a robust sealing system. However, they need careful planning in advance of the works and are intransigent should the pour be changed due to adjustments in the pour sequence, as all of the joints are predefined. The PVC system works well in basement construction that comprises of one method of construction. If mixed construction styles form part of the basement, then specific sealing methods are required.

This may occur when a new building meets an existing surface, concrete or even a steel sheet pile wall. In the case where fresh concrete meets an existing concrete surface then a PVC tape can be used in conjunction with a rubber hydrophilic coated strip. The system is clamped into position with a dedicated sealing PVC tape. Joints of this type are available through PVC tape specifiers, the product specifier can provide the appropriate test certificates to meet code requirements. Adopting this system allows the PVC system to be utilised throughout the basement.