CE Marked products from J&P

At J&P, CE marking is about more than simply adding a stamp to our products. We are fundamentally committed to the principles of CE marking and the assurance this provides our customers.

In line with our philosophy of quality manufacture and supply, a number of J&P products are already CE marked and provide compliance with the new regulation.

For those products which either fall outside the legal scope of CE marking, or which are not specifically covered by a hEN or ETA (for example, when an otherwise CE marked product is incorporated into a bespoke-designed and factory-made assembly), J&P will provide a self-Declaration of Performance which nonetheless follows CE principles, and which assures our customers as to our compliance with the relevant and embodied codes of design and manufacture.

This J&P commitment applies to every product and system solution we provide and is consistent with the philosophy of our parent companies; H-Bau, JORDAHL® and Pfeifer. Jointly, we strive at all times to provide levels of manufacturing, design and service excellence which exceed customer expectation.

See below for full details.

JORDAHL® cast-in channels

JTA_W_50-30_350_3A.JPG  CW_Face_Brackets_Close_Up_Low_Res.JPG

Click on the image to see the full range of JORDAHL® cast-in channels.

JORDAHL®  JTA Declaration of Performance

JDA Studrails

Stud_Rail_Close_up.JPG  Close_Up_1.JPG

Click on the image for more details of our JDA studrails

JDA Studrails Declaration of Performance

RVK/TSS Invisible Connections

TSS101_on_white.jpg   Main_Landing_Close_Up.JPG

Click on the image above for full details of our Invisible Connections range

Column Shoes

PSF_Componets.JPG  Cutaway_1.JPG

Click the image for full details of our Column Shoe range.

KE Transport Anchors

Cover_Close_Up_-_Anchor_Only.JPG  Close_Up_Full_Render.JPG

Click the image for full details of our KE Transport Anchors.

Threaded Lifting Sockets

RD-16_white_background.jpg   RD16_-_LWA_and_swivel_eye1.jpg

Click on the image for details of our full range of concrete lifting systems.